iPhone cake

Yes ma dear iPhone fans, this is the new iCake ;) Apple might be thinking about new gadgets and electric cars, but not the iCake :D

 iPhone Cake

Tutorial - 1st FC Cologne cake

Football fans listen up! If your planning on surprising a football fan with a cake, this might be the perfect present.

1. FC Köln Kuchen Trikot 

Of course you can adapt the jersey to any football club you like. Look for a suitable template or picture, at home or on the Internet.

A heart for "Dê mais coração" in Lisbon

The model 
This post is exceptionally not about cakes, but about an organization called "Dê mais coração" from Portugal. We spent last weekend in Lisbon and came across this one by chance. The organization was looking for donations, but in a very nice way we thought. Between February 14 and March 14, they had big letters made from wire reading LOVE <3 placed on the "Praca do Rossio" square. For a donation of 3 € one could buy a love lock (which you might know from other cities, especially bridges).

The original

Jaegermeister cake

Hey everyone! My girlfriend had asked me to spend some time on this blog too so I thought I'll give it a go ;-)

A birthday was coming up - my best friend's one. Thinking back to old times and remembering having one or two shots of Jaegermeister now and then, I came across the idea of making a cake in the shape of a Jaegermeister bottle for him.

The idea was the following: sponge cake, cowberries and a white wine cream with a light taste of Jaegermeister, rounded off with white chocolate ganache.

So I got to work...

DIY - Selfmade cupcake wrappers

You can buy cupcake wrappers in a store, yes. But sometimes you dont find the right model or color, then its time for this tutorial.

What you need:
  • Cupcake wrapper TEMPLATE
  • Cardboard
  • Design cutter (HERE or in a crafts store)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
When buying the cardboard, make sure to choose one that is not too thick, otherwise the cutter wont be able to do its job.

Start by cutting out cardboard wrappers using your template. There might also be types of cardboard that have two different sides.

Tutorial - Nutella cake

The perfect cake for a Nutella lover - definitely a Nutella jar cake!

This is a carving cake, so you want to use a firm dough that doesnt crumble easily. If you like chocolate, the Devils Food Cake is just perfect for this matter. Weve used the recipe of Theresa from Crazy Sweets. Thanks again for the tip, it worked just fine!
Nutella Cake

Whats Craftsy? - Online turorials

Have you ever heard of the platform Craftsy? I came across this American tutorial platform a couple of months ago by chance. You can find a wide variety of online courses such as "sewing", "drawing", "photography" and of course also "cake decorations".