Tutorial - Nutella cake

The perfect cake for a Nutella lover - definitely a Nutella jar cake!

This is a carving cake, so you want to use a firm dough that doesnt crumble easily. If you like chocolate, the Devils Food Cake is just perfect for this matter. Weve used the recipe of Theresa from Crazy Sweets. Thanks again for the tip, it worked just fine!
Nutella Cake

To get a strong support for your cake, drill a whole in the support board and attach a bamboo stick with wood glue. Before you do though, wrap the board in wrapping paper and then in foil to prevent it from getting dirty and absorbing moisture. We've chosen the checkered blue and white paper because that looks just like a table cloth. With the stick as a support, you can easily stack your cake without the individual layers moving too much. Wev'e cut out a paper template for the cake layers.

The filling is totally up to you. We've used rich chocolate ganache, spiced up with roasted hazelnut chips. This is just awesome!

Before adding the lid, carve the jar neck. It makes it easier to find the right size for the lid.

Be careful when carving your cake. Its very easy to cut off cake, but a bit more difficult to undo this ;) Take your time with carving, especially in the beginning it might not seem that easy.

Once your happy with the shape, spread your ganache on it. To smooth out any sharp roughness, heat up a knife in hot water, wipe the water off and let it float over your cake.

For the lid, roll out white fondant a little bit thicker and cut out a circle. If you dont have a circle cutter in the right size, you may also use a round container or jar with sharp edges or you create your own template again.

For the sides of the lid, roll out white fondant again, this time a little thinner, and cut out a long rectangle. Measure the circumference of your lid and trim it accordingly. Place it on the cake and smooth out gently. Rather have it a little too long than too short, you can always cut off excess.

To add a little bit of texture to the lid, take a knife and make small indents on the sides, just as the real Nutella jar has them. On the top, we've used cookie letters and pressed them into the fondant. You can find them on amazon!.
On this picture you can see that the border is not completely round. It might be better to use modeling chocolate or gum paste.

For the badge around the jar, measure the circumference again and cut out a rectangle. We used fondant for this, but again, you may use modeling chocolate or gum paste. The disadvantage of fondant is that it adapts to every little roughness on the cake.

You decide on how many details your badge should have. We decided to put the name of the Nutella lover on there, Nutella style! So the first letter is black fondant and the rest are red fondant. We didnt have any letter cutters in that size, so we had to cut them out by hand. Use a piping tip to cut out wholes (a, d). In addition, we used icing to write the birthday wishes.

The barcode is also made out of black icing.

We wanted to add some more details, so we made two slices of bread, hazelnuts and a knife out of fondant. Take a real slice of bread as a template. I've used a scalpel to create the little details. Also, you want to make some seeds out of fondant to place on the crust.

We then used airbrush with food color to bring that slice to life =)

For the knife we also used a real knife as a template. That way you'll get the right size, too. Form the handle out of brown fondant, and use a piping tip to indent marks. The blade we made out of gum paste because you want that to be straight and firm. Use grey edible paint to color it. Now make a little cut into the end of the handle and "insert" the blade, using sugar glue. The cut or indent is merely to help the blade stick to the handle.

So who of you out there is also a huge Nutella fan? Have you made any food or other treats out of fondant? Share your results =)

by Christina

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