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Have you ever heard of the platform Craftsy? I came across this American tutorial platform a couple of months ago by chance. You can find a wide variety of online courses such as "sewing", "drawing", "photography" and of course also "cake decorations".

In every category you'll find tutorials for different themes and techniques. They have basic courses which show the first steps in baking, fondant handling and simple decorations, but also advanced courses with demonstrations on sugar flowers and elaborate designs. But Craftsy is not just about cakes, you'll also find some real nice cookies and cupcakes tutorials.

As you can see, they regularly reduce prices for online courses, here for example as a Valentine`s special. The prices vary between 15€ and 40€.
Every course includes a video summary that shows you in advance the included tutorials. So it's very easy to decide on whether a course package could be useful for you or not.

Every course package includes several tutorials. An overview of this youll find in the description, and also how long the individual tutorials last.

If you're not sure whether you want to invest in this or not, you can start with a free of charge mini course. Simply sign up on Craftsy and add the course to your shopping cart.

So once you've decided on one or more ;) courses, you can watch them wherever and as many times as you want. We watch them on the laptop or a pad. The tutorials are all in English.

Every course includes course material with recipes, templates or a list of tools. You can download these as pdf files.
In addition, you have the option to ask questions which will be answered from the respective "teacher". Or you simply search through existing questions and might find your answer there already. You may also post your own creations on that platform and share with other course members.

Craftsy tutorials are a simple and easy to learn new techniques step by step and practice them at home. I just love it, and would want to buy ALL cake tutorials, buuuut that would be a little too expensive =)

I'm excited to see which courses you've chosen. Also, let me know where you get your inspirations from and how you educate further? Share your experience with me!

by Christina

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