Sugar flowers and stripes

I've found a picture of this cute cake in the magazine "Cake art made easy". Yay, something nice that can be done quickly =)

We made the sugar flowers a couple of day in advance. That way they have enough time to dry and it's not so much work in one day.

The cake is a carrot cake (20 cm/ 7.8 inch) with a cream cheese filling, covered with white chocolate *yummy*.

After covering the cake with fondant, we turned that whole thing upside down to get sharp edges. The more time you spend on this, the sharper the edges.

Not too bad for the first time, whatcha think? =)

As for the stripes, I've stuck to the specs of the magazine, 2 cm - a bit less than 1 inch - in width and about 8.5 cm (3.5 inch) long. But that depends on the hight of your cake.

We first cut out long stripes with the help of a long ruler and pizza cutter and then trimmed them to the correct length. We used a light ivory color (paste color by SugarFlair) so they would stick out from the white cake.

Then we've measured the distance between the stripes (we had 11 pieces) and marked them on the cake with a needle tool (measure your cake circumference, deduct the width of your stripes times their amount, and then divide again by the amount of your stripes). I have a flexible ruler for my Post-its that I could hold against the round cake =) Also useful to help arrange the stripes exactly vertically.

We attached the stripes with sugar glue, ...

.. and with even spacing.

Now simply place the sugar flowers with some sugar glue at the ends of the stripes (right before or on top).

Done! On a nice cake platter this simple cake can be quite an eye catcher.


by Christina

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