DIY - Selfmade cupcake wrappers

You can buy cupcake wrappers in a store, yes. But sometimes you dont find the right model or color, then its time for this tutorial.

What you need:
  • Cupcake wrapper TEMPLATE
  • Cardboard
  • Design cutter (HERE or in a crafts store)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
When buying the cardboard, make sure to choose one that is not too thick, otherwise the cutter wont be able to do its job.

Start by cutting out cardboard wrappers using your template. There might also be types of cardboard that have two different sides.

To give you an impression on that design cutter, heres a picture of what it could look like on a white piece of cardboard.

Place your cardboard in the cutter, turn around and make sure to only push it in until you still have a tiny little corner you can see through...

... and then press down on it.

For the next cut, you have to pay double attention. Leave out a small corner again at the top, but also to the side where youve done your previous cut. Try it out first with a paper wrapper until you got the hang of it.

The outer arches are overlapping slightly each time.

Once youve done the whole edge, use the double-sided adhesive tape to attach the ends together. I can tell you, the whole thing does take some time, but its definitely worth the effort if you want something individual.

Are you buying your cupcake wrappers or have you tried making your own? Share your results =)
DIY Cupcakewrapper

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