Jaegermeister cake

Hey everyone! My girlfriend had asked me to spend some time on this blog too so I thought I'll give it a go ;-)

A birthday was coming up - my best friend's one. Thinking back to old times and remembering having one or two shots of Jaegermeister now and then, I came across the idea of making a cake in the shape of a Jaegermeister bottle for him.

The idea was the following: sponge cake, cowberries and a white wine cream with a light taste of Jaegermeister, rounded off with white chocolate ganache.

So I got to work...

I started with the most important part of the bottle, the emblem. Unfortunately, I didnt take enough pictures during the process, so these two will have to do. I basically started with the white bottom layer, then cut out the green one and finally the smaller white one on top. I then used sugar glue to have the green one stick to the bottom layer. Next step was to place the smaller white layer on top and to cut along the borders. Then I removed the white one again and carefully peeled off the inner green part. Last, I replaced the green part with my white layer.

For the brown emblem, I basically did the same. I cut out the brown circle, placed it on top and cut along the edges, then replacing the white with the brown. The stag head was a little difficult, I used a needle tool to "draw" it and then a tiny brush with edible silver color to paint it. The rest you can basically see from the picture, the orange banner and the leaves. For the text I used a pen with edible color, it was too small to do it with a brush.

I pre-formed the bottle neck and shoulder with fondant and fixated the whole thing with a bamboo stick which I inserted horizontally into the cake. On the picture you can still see the white end of the fondant bottle neck sticking out. Make sure not to push the stick all the way in as you will need the little excess for the bottle lid later on.
I used the ganache to smooth out the transition between fondant and cake. Then I rolled out a sheet of green fondant (colored with paste color by SugarFlair, I think it was a mixture of spruce green and mint green) and covered the whole cake in one go. The neck is a little tricky, so work carefully there.

I then made the bottle lid out of green fondant, made a few notches around it and glued it onto that remaining bit of the stick. Then I colored the very end of it in gold (powder color) and made another small emblem out of orange and green fondant.

Done! Most of the work for this cake really goes into the emblem. The rest is rather quickly done. Give it a try :)

Jägermeister Cake
And this is how the cake looked on the inside. It was deliciousssss!

Have you ever done any liquor cakes? Lets see those pictures =)

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