Tutorial - 1st FC Cologne cake

Football fans listen up! If your planning on surprising a football fan with a cake, this might be the perfect present.

1. FC Köln Kuchen Trikot 

Of course you can adapt the jersey to any football club you like. Look for a suitable template or picture, at home or on the Internet.
But let's start with the cake. Depending on the size of the cake, you will need a couple of cake sheets. We've used sponge cake.

I suggest stacking the cake right on the cake board because it will be quite heavy later on and its gonna be difficult to move it. We had a wooden board trimmed to the size we needed at a building supplies store and then covered it with wrapping paper and a plastic film. Then you cut the cake in the shape you need. The excess under the arms we used to extend the sleeves a little bit. Use ganache to attach. Also, cut off a little bit at the neck.

When your happy with your result, ice the cake with ganache. make sure to cover your cake board with parchment paper to not get it dirty.

The good thing about a white jersey is that you dont need to color the fondant. We used Massa Ticino by Carma. We really like this one because its very flexible. However, you still got to be careful when smoothing out the fondant underneath the arms. It can become too thin easily and tear.

We had made the emblem a couple of days in advance to give it time to dry. Same with the name and the number (Funky Alphabet & numbers by FMM). Print out the emblem and use as a template.

The billy goat I first traced onto parchment paper and then placed on fondant to retrace the contours. Thats an easy way to get them onto fondant and then you just cut along them. If the fondant is too moist and flexible, let it dry for some time. It can help with the cutting because it wont move that much.

I repainted the contours with a brush and food color (Edible paint by Squires Kitchen).

And thats how the finished emblem looks like...

Now add the rest of the details - the collar, the fringe of the sleeves, for this jersey the red triangle on the chest, the name and the number.

Have you ever made a football cake? What club and what theme?

By Christina

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