iPhone cake

Yes ma dear iPhone fans, this is the new iCake ;) Apple might be thinking about new gadgets and electric cars, but not the iCake :D

 iPhone Cake

We didn't take so many pictures from the making off, so I hope you'll still understand the process.

Start by creating the Apps, which you can do long in advance. They will take up most of the time for this cake. Take a sheet of paper and draw the display of the iPhone with a rough sketch of which Apps will go where. For the Apps you cut out a little template out of card board so all of them will have the same size. And now the real work starts - depending on how accurately you work =)

For the iCake, stack your cake layers and cut them in the right shape. The cake cant be too thick, so we chose two layers with one filling to get the proportions right. Cover with butter cream or ganache. Then cut out the frame out of black fondant, making sure to leave enough space for the display.

The background of the display you make out of light blue and darker blue fondant. Then you place your apps on it, attaching with sugar glue. Now carefully lift up the whole thing and place into the opening inside the frame. If you end up having a slight gap between the display and the frame, simply push them together.

Use and edible pen to write down the names of the apps.

Don't forget details like the battery status and signal strength at the top edge.

Now roll out a thick sheet of black fondant (about 4mm) and cut out long stripes. They should have the hight of the cake plus a little extra as you can see on the picture. Place them around the edges of the cake. Before you attach the bottom part, cut out the wholes for the battery charger etc. (over next picture) and place another thin sheet of fondant underneath the edge so you wont see the icing through those openings.

Next, make the little buttons on the sides. And check out the lower part with the openings for speaker and charger.

If you want, you can consider the cake to be finished now. If your into isomalt, however, you may create the "glass" that's covering the screen. We used a burner to melt a whole into the bottom part where the home button is. But careful! The isomalt heats up quickly and you can easily destroy your sheet, cant you, Mr Backorphine =p
One thing about the isomalt. If you place the cake in the fridge, moisture will collect underneath the glass and will steam up. If your glass doesn't fit exactly, place a small border of black fondant around the edge to cover it up (see picture above).

Have you done a smart phone cake yet? How detailed was it? Did you use an edible printer?

Oh, and by the way.. in case someones wondering why one of the apps has been censored *harrumph* ... lets say a typical app for guys has nothing to do on a baking blog =D.

By Christina

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