TUTORIAL - Fondant windmill

Today I want to show you how to make a windmill out of fondant. it might look difficult, but its actually quite easy - youll see. With just a few steps you can create beautiful windmills and decorate your cake pops, muffins or cakes.
Start by rolling out a patch of thin fondant and cut out a square. if you have a square cutter, you can use that one. Ive simply used a memo paper as a template which Ive folded twice to get 4 little squares, since I wanted to make little windmills, and traced the lines.

Thats how you easily get your 4 little sqaures.

Make little cuts as shown on the picture.

Make sure not to cut all the way to the middle, otherwise your square is going to fall apart. Place some sugar glue in the middle.
Take a toothpick and start folding in the corners as shown.

Do the same to the second one, skipping one piece each time...
Then the third...
And the forth...
The center of your windmills is a little ball of fondant. Again, place some sugar glue in the middle and lightly press in the ball.
If you prefer, you can press on the ball with the end of a brush to give it a different look.
You may also use different colors or texture for your windmills. Ill just give you a few options.

I rolled out the pink fondant very thin and placed my white square on top, cutting out a pink square in the exact same size. Both layers stuck to each other without sugar glue, it was quite warm that day.
This is how your square should look like.
The process is the exact same as shown above with the white windmill.
You've made a beautiful, two-colored windmill.
Folding the corners the opposite way will give you matching counterpart.
For a dotted windmill, simply attach little circles. I've used a piping tip to cut them out.
Also stripes can make for a nice design.
If you want to make mini windmills, then cut one of your squares into 4 tiny squares and follow the same steps again.
You can see the difference in size.

You can make the center in different ways. Either you leave it as a ball, or you press in the middle bit. If you use a toothpick to poke in two holes it looks like a button. Try out your star, flower or heart cutters for the center piece.
Tutorial Pin Wheel Fondant
I've used the mini windmills for cake pop decorations.
Cake Pop Pin Wheel
Enjoy guys! I'm excited to see what you'll be using the windmills for :)

by Christina