Lillifee cake - part 2

So in part 1 I've showed you how to make the Lillifee figure, now its time for the actual cake. You will need to cakes for this, one in a normal spring form and one in a ring cake (Gugelhupf). They should both have a similar diameter. We've chosen a chocolate sponge cake for this project.

Divide the round cake into two pieces. If you think it's not high enough, you'll have to bake another ;) Normally one well risen cake is enough.

Place the ring cake on top of your cake and start trimming the edges until its a smooth transition from the top to the bottom cake.
When your done with this, cut the ring cake horizontally like two times for the filling.

We've filled this cake with a mascarpone cherry cream and used some pickled cherries too. Just make sure to drain them thoroughly before. I couldn't find a suitable recipe so I've just tried out a bit.

250g  mascarpone
6        Tbsp cherry juice
2        Tbsp powdered sugar
200g  whipped cream
2        packages vanilla sugar
Pickled cherries

Mix the mascarpone with the cherry juice and add the powdered sugar. Taste it, and if you find it not sweet enough, put some more in. Just for the looks, mix in a bit of pink food color (e.g. past color by SugarFlair). Start whisking the cream and add the vanilla sugar once it starts to become stiffer. Now fold in the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture.

For the sake of cleanliness I've cut a baking sheet in half and shoved it under the cake. That way you can easily pull it out later.

Remember to leave out the middle bit of the last layer of cake because this is where you will place the surprise.

Continue with stacking the ring cake, alternating between cake and filling. We've eventually left out one layer because it would have been too high.

Its time now to ice the cake with ganache (400g milk chocolate and 200g cream).

Also cover the inside of the cake with ganache.

Kids love surprises.

And now it's finally time for the actual dress. Pull out the baking sheet and place your cake on a cake board. In a first step we placed the underskirt on the cake. Roll out a stretch of white fondant, eventually allowing for a ribbon of 5cm in width and 1m in length. We used this little ribbon cutter (by fmm). Make sure to use corn starch to prevent the fondant from sticking to your working place.

Place the ribbon around the base of your cake, overlapping every inch or so. In case your ribbon was too short, simply cut out another and place the start of that one under one of the creases.

For the cake board we colored fondant with mint green from SugarFlair.

This is how your cake should look by now.

Next, roll out a BIG sheet of pink fondant (color of her top) and cut out a large square. Cut in half.

Now place the rectangle onto your cake in a way that you create nice long creases running down the dress. Make sure to lift it high enough to still have the underskirt visible.

This is how it looks from the top. Don't worry about all that fondant in the middle. You will cut this off later on.

Take the second rectangle and do the same. Start by placing the beginning under one of the creases and finish doing the same. It should look like one piece in the end.

Here you can see the frill, and also that the dress is higher on the left side than the right side. Its a bit tricky to get it even, but when you check carefully while placing the dress then you can avoid this.

Now its time for details. On my template, Lillifee has green leafe-like segments.

These six pieces go on the cake like this. They should stick on their own, if not just use some sugar glue.

As for the roses, roll out a thin sheet of fondant...
... fold in half...

...and roll up to get a rose.

Cut off excess fondant...
...and roll the end between your index fingers to the shape of a cone.

Again, cut off the excess.

We used spaghetti and sugar glue to attach the roses to the dress. You may also use non edible aids like wire or toothpick, but if kids are going to eat the cake then rather use edible stuff.

On both sides of the rose you want to attach - rather before you put the rose in place - two little leaves.

In between the green segments you place six smaller pink pieces of fondant. Three of them have pink dots which you cut out with a piping tip.

Take a chunk of fondant and shape it to fit in the opening. That way the figure will be fixed and won't move that much.

Place it in the opening and press down gently.

Place the figure on our cake. (No, those are not my strong forearms, but Mr. B`s ;) )

Form a sausage of fondant and place around Lillifee's hips. This is just to fill up that hollow in there.

To cover up the transition, create a "lace". Cut out a circle and then use the back of a piping tip to cut out half circles. Go easy on this one because it's easy to cut out too much.

Make a cut on one side halfway through your lace and place it around her hips. A small green ribbon will serve as a waist belt.

I've used yellow fondant for the letters. If your fondant dries quickly and is not too elastic, it doesn't have to be gum paste. Cover with sugar glue and place in golden glitter powder. Cover it from all sides. The glitter powder from Rainbow Dust is edible and available in all kinds of different colors. Use a muffin mold for this purpose. It's easy to contain excess, place it back in the container and reuse it the next time.

It's hard to see on this picture because it was already night, but it looked amazing.

I've built a simple mount for the candles. Roll some balls out of green fondant and cut out pink flowers. Use sugar glue to attach to the balls. Now put the candles on top.

The letters and the candles go on the cake board... done!

Lillifee Cake
Here's a picture from the top.

This is just one possible way to make this cake. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas.

by Christina

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