How it all started

Anyone who's made a name for her or himself in the world of cake decorations had once started small. For us, that was about 3 years ago. Christina was about to turn 25 and I knew that she had wished for a book about cake decorations. So I thought to myself, hey, why not make a birthday cake, and why not a 5-tier one!?

The only problem was, I had no idea how to start and what I would need. So, knew plan, ask your best friend, because two times no idea can only make it better!

No sooner said than done! We started off by baking loads of cakes, which kind of worked. After hours spending in the kitchen, we finally decided to go to the supermarket and buy a few layers of cake. We were fed up with baking and baking and baking =D
We then chose to make a chocolate mousse filling and started stacking the cakes, alternating between mousse and jam. Every tier we finished off with a layer of marzipan.

Ganache? Never heard fo that! So we used the filling also for icing the cake.

And then this... an emergency in the kitchen! Oh no! The fondant-man had a heart attack. No panic, keep calm. My friend is „charging“ the fondant smoother – I take a step back – and hes jump starting! A short electric shock, and I begin the cardiac massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation. We've been lucky, it all went well. The fondant-man is presently still alive – if hes not been eaten :)
We rolled the fondant as we thought it to be appropriate. It was definitely too thick, the cake was already pretty sweet, as it contained quite some amount of sugar.
Luckily we had figured out how to properly stack the cakes. We knew we had to use support, and I'm still pretty happy we we actually did that :D
And this is the final result. We also made a few flowers and spread some blue sugar. Not bad for absolute beginners, don't you think!?

by Alex

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