Cake World Germany 2014

A fun and exciting weekend comes to an end, which we spent, as probably many of you too, at the Cake World Germany, Hamburg. This was actually our first cake exhibition – and we loved it.

Wedding cakes

We received lots of new impressions, got nice tips from experienced cake bakers, bought quite a few new tools and are excited to try it all out at home.

Impressions from the cake exhibition

Besides a big sales area with lots of different booths, we could get new impressions from the various categories of competition pieces. We couldn't helpt but marvel in amazement at some of the cakes and quickly we agreed on our favorites. A little highlight was meeting the creator of the octagonal cake who we could fire questions at on how she did it and so on :)

Multi-level cakes - Our favorite in the middle

We had also decided to join two demonstrations. The first one was „Vintage Blossoms“ from the Peggy Porschen Academy. Penelope showed us how to create a little floral arrangement with roses and hydrangeas. The second demonstration was done by Annelies van Tessel, showing how to create figures. Both of them were very friendly and patiently answered all the questions.


Our recommendation to people who are not too comfortable in big crowds: It is a lot less busy on Friday and both weekend days after 3 / 4 pm. Also, the queues at the favorite sales booths are a lot shorter.

People arriving by car have the possibility to park on the compound for free. An easy way to store your purchases or have a snack. Of course you could buy food and drinks on site too.

Some of the 3D-cakes

Cookie competition
Right in time for Easter some motivation

Our second favorite - the cake with the old couple

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