Tutorial - Mini Ruffle Cake

We had quite a bit of cake surplus, and normally we use that to make cake pops, but this time we chose to make some tartlets.
Our cake remains were'nt even and had a few cracks here and there, but with tartlets this is easy to cover up.

So I started by cutting out 16 spheres.

You can decide for yourself how high you want your tartlets to be.

On the left you see cowberries, chocolate ganache and coffee liqueur (drizzled on the cake) and on the right butter cream, apricot jam and amaretto.

To help ice the tartlets, Ive inserted a toothpick into them. That keeps the layers from moving.

So lets get to the instructions for the ruffle cake:
With a ribbon cutter, cut out 3 long strips of fondant of the same length. Make sure they're a little longer than the circumference of your tartlet. The width depends on the size and hight of your cake.

By moving back and forth quickly with the end of a brush (or a frill tool) you'll get that wavy edge. Be careful not to fringe the edges.

Now apply sugar glue to the bottom edge of your ribbon and place at the top end of your cake. Push the ribbon a little to get that curtain-like look. If your ribbon was too short, you'd run out now.

Continue applying the ribbons as mentioned above, placing it a little lower every time.

Eventually we put the cake on a glas to work on the lower stripes. If you want it to look a little more like a flower, then lightly push the bottom edge of the lowest ribbon under your cake.

Mini Ruflle Cake

By Christina

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