Candybar for a wedding – The planning process

Candy Bar Wedding

We've made a candy bar for the wedding of our friends Janina & Christoph. Because you have to think about many things for this kind of project, it's best to start with a timetable.

Before we could start with the baking, I sat down with the bride to be to discuss ideas and wishes. Questions you should talk about:
  • Which kinds of sweets and treats do you want to have?
  • How many guest to be expected?
  • What are the (main) colors of the candy bar?
  • Is there a possibility to  refrigerate the treats until the candy bar is opend?
  • Whats supporting the candy bar? Table? Boards? How many?
  • What kind of decorations are needed?
  • What day and what time?

 These are the specs for her wedding:
  • Mini cupcakes, normal cupcakes, cake pops, a small swirl cake, macarons and miscellaneous treats like lollies, hard candy, fizzy sweets, …
  • About 70 people
  • PINK
  • There was a big cold store in which we could store the candy bar items in the morning
  • They had two tables to place the candy bar on
  • The bride to be and a few friends took care of the decorations
  • Friday, around 4.30 pm

It was difficult to judge how many pieces we would need for 70 people, so we roughly estimated the amount and also stuck to the number of for example cupcake molds and the amount of dough we had =)
  • 72 mini cupcakes, so 3 cupcake baking pans (we had planned on 48, but we had so much dough left that we did another one, which turned out to be good in the end)
  • 24 normal cupcakes, so 2 baking pans
  • 40 + 3 cake pops as bride and groom
  • 28 macarons on 2 maracon mats (we had a small oven with small baking pans so we couldn’t use the outer ones =) )
  • 1 swirl cake, diameter 20 cm

For the next step, write down a detailed timetable for what to do when and get someone to help you, because it is a lot of work!

  • Choose the recipes
  • Buy the ingredients (for baking and possible decorations)
  • Make the decoration for the cupcakes so it has time to dry (butterflies, stencils, etc.)
  • Bow tie for the grooms cake pop

  • Bake the dough for the swirl cake and the cake pops (if you don’t have enough time during the week, bake them in advance and freeze them. Take it out the evening before the day you want to work with it so it has time to defrost and dry)

  • For the macarons, separate the egg white from the yolk
  • Crumble up the cake pop dough, place in an airtight container and put in the fridge
  • Make the vanilla butter cream for the swirl cake (if your planning on a pudding cream, make the pudding in the morning to give it time to cool down)

  • Bake the macarons
  • Make the filling and complete the macarons (macarons need some time to unfold their flavor, its best to eat tem 1 or 2 days after youve made them)
  • Roll the cake pops, put in the lolly stick and let cool in the fridge
  • Stack your swirl cake and crumb-coat it
  • Bake the cupcakes

  • Put the topping on the cupcakes
  • Cover the cake pops with chocolate and attach the decorative elements (pearls, bow ties, ribbons around the stick)
  • Apply the swirls to the swirl cake
  • Prepare the emergency kit (cake plates, cake supports, pliers, cake server, sugar glue, icing, spatula, reserve pearls, etc.) for the next day

  • Put the decorations on your cupcakes at the location so they don’t absorb the moisture from the topping, that would soften them up up
  • Arrange everything just before serving and cool until then

Of course this timetable only serves as a guideline, you may adapt to your personal situation. The more you get done, the better. If you find you’ve gotten ahead of your schedule, you can of course move one item a day ahead.

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your candy bar. Let me know how it went and what kind of theme you had!

The actual making off of our treats and the final result you will find in our next post.

by Christina

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