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You probably wonder who's behind Backorphine. The name is a combination of the German word for „baking“ and the word „endorphin“, the hormone that makes you happy. In English, this would probably look like „Bakeorphine“. And because baking makes us happy (most of the time), we chose to use this name. Unless something goes wrong, then it's more of an anger hormone :)

And „we“ are Mrs. and Mr. Bakeorphine, who fortunately share this hobby :)
Foto: Nicole Wahl
How it all started? Our families have a long baking history, not professionally, but whenever there was a party or a birthday, there was cake, too. With actual cake decoration, however, we only started mid 2013. I (Mrs. Bakeorphine) saw a commercial on German TV about a magazine called „Cake decorations“, so I went to buy of few ot those and started researching on the Internet. For my birthday that year, I got my very first book about cake decorations. But before I could eben begin working on the first cake, my boyfriend (Mr. Bakeorphine) made me a surprise birthday cake. Up until that day, he had never decorated a cake before and was basically without knowledge, but he thought that a five-tier cake would be just the appropriate thing to make :)

And from that day on it just kept developing. We continued to acquire more and more tools/ books etc., read a lot about it online, watched an uncountable amount of Youtube videos and just tried things out. A fortunate coincidence led me onto the platform of Craftsy, you can find a post on our blog about it HERE. Instead of attending a course, you can comfortably watch online tutorials from at home about all kinds of different topics. Highly recommended!

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